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LOCUS is a platform to control and share property data easily and instantly
Our Story

LOCUS was created to bridge the gap between real-estate properties and the fast-paced world of mobility. We have experienced the real-world struggles and inefficiencies in the mobility industry, coupled with the lack of direct control and communication between property owners and mobility providers who service these properties.

Our Vision

At LOCUS we envision a world of complete transparency between property owners and mobility providers. LOCUS is a communications platform that allows property owners to take back control of their most precious assets. LOCUS is the single point of contact for sharing property details with all mobility providers in real-time at the touch of a button. 

Our Technology

LOCUS is built on top of the latest web, mapping, analytics and cloud technologies to bring our customers the speed, reliability and simplicity they deserve.

We offer real-time communication with all mobility providers, coupled with advanced analytics and insights to see exactly how a property is being serviced.


How it works



LOCUS allows property owners to easily control all aspects of a property's assets. From setting preferred pick-up or drop-off location for rideshare to controlling when large deliveries should happen, and everything in between. LOCUS puts the controls at your fingertips.


Ready to share new property data with all mobility providers at once? With the touch of a button property data goes live to all mobility providers on the LOCUS platform. Rideshare providers will see the latest locations and rules for pick-ups and drop-offs. Food delivery providers will gain access to reserved short-term parking spots. And more... 



Want to see rideshare demand for a property or region? Just check the analytics dashboard. With property data live on the LOCUS platform, quickly see advanced analytics, insights and even demand forecasting to help plan improvements or new property developments with all their mobility needs.

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